Pete’s eCargo Bike

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Pete’s mid-drive eCargo bike allows riders to efficiently transport large loads while the Panasonic mid-drive motor effortlessly assists. Given the efficiency of the mid-drive motor system and the demands of carrying cargo, it makes perfect sense to marry the two. The only cargo bikes available today utilize hub motors which fall down when asked to move heavy loads or climb steep hills. The mid-drive, because it takes advantage of the gearing system on the bicycle, is significantly more efficient and offers a seamless pedal-assist. The cargo system is based on the Xtracycle products and offers quite a bit of flexibility for carrying a wide range of cargo. Go ahead, sell your truck.

Motor Type Brushless 250W IBS Panasonic
Magnetic Regen Brake No
Motor Power 250 Watts
Battery Lithium-ion 36V / 8AH
Charger Panasonic 36V Charger
Range Up to 62 miles in Econ mode on flat with moderate load
Speed Up To 20 MPH
Rear Rack Yes
Shifters / Gearset SRAM 11-32 9-Speed
Weight 68 lbs.
Tires & Rims Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour
Battery Weight 5.7 lbs (upgrade 8.1 lbs)
Brakes Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc, 185mm
Frame Size Small / Medium
Pedals Aluminum Wellgo
Color Black - Customizable
Security Battery key lock

2 Years